How long does it take from ordering up until I receive the shipment?

Usually it takes about 3 days up until the shipment is delivered right in front of your door. Simple rule of thumb is one day for processing the order and payment verification and another two days for shipping.


How to make payment if I am not a Maybank account holder?

We only receive funds transfer into our Maybank account. If you make the payment through online banking from another bank, we recommend you to use the Instant Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT) for faster verification by our side. If you choose to perform the transfer via GIRO, it will take another 3 business days and this will slow down the overall delivering process. These two services might come with additional charge from the sender’s bank.

If you don’t want to use online banking, please make payment through auto-teller machine (ATM) or cash deposit machine (CDM) in any nearest Maybank branches.


Does Raw Factory Flavor deliver to other countries other than Malaysia?

Yes, we do. We deliver our products to anywhere around the globe. The shipment duration and total charge will be informed to you via separate email depending on the receiver’s location.


How to check the status of delivery?

If the order status is ‘Delivering’, the order has been processed by our side and it has been ready to be shipped by PosLaju. You can retrieve the tracking ID for the shipment in ‘My Account’ page. This tracking ID can be used to check the shipment status in PosLaju’s website.

If you are not receiving the item after 7 days since the payment confirmation, please contact us immediately as stated in this page.


How to change my order if it’s already been placed?

You can just cancel the current order and place a new one. We will only process orders right after the payment for the particular order ID has been received and verified by us via Whatsapp or email.


Can I just text the fund transfer reference number via SMS?

For security purposes, we need to have at least a snapshot of the original receipt as prove of payment. If you text the reference number with order ID via SMS, we will still request you to submit the original receipt via Whatsapp or email or simply walk-in to our store for verification.


Can I place an order online and make the payment at the counter?

Yes, you can place the order online and make the payment directly to us at the counter. Please choose ‘Local Pickup’ as the shipping method in the CheckOut page. Take note, we will only start to process the order right after the full payment is received and verified at the counter.